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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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system. abc news confirmed eight deaths including a houston police officer who drowned trying to drive to work on sunday. and the coast guard rescued 1800 and they will open two or three more shelters and the convention center took in more than 9,000 stranded residents. >> president trump and first lady melania touched down in texas this morning much the first stop was corpus christi for a briefing of the damage and recovery forts. trump is dealing with the first major natural disaster as president. he wants to handle the response better than any administration before him. >> we want to be looked at in five years from now. and this is the way to do it. this is of of epic proportions nobody has seen anything like this. trump went to austin for more briefings and did not tour the damage. a white house spokesperson says that they wanted to be cautious that the visit did not disrupt
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recovery efforts in the area. that is where chad pradelli is tonight. >> we are here in northeast houston one of the heaviest hit areas in the region. as the rain continues to come down. the water continues to rise. and vehicles continue to get stuck. this is one area of of heavy activity. we see good samaritan after good samaritan. coming out and launching boats into the neighborhoods and trying to rescue people. stuck in their homes and trying to get people to higher grounds, these people here arrived off beltway 8. what happened here this afternoon? >> a couple of days ago we had to get out because it was terrible, and now i was trying to be calm for my family you want to break down it was sad and trying to stay strong, and we made it thank you to everybody. thank you. >> all right. you hang in there okay? >> we heard stories like that
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throughout the day and we talked to one woman in tears worried about her mother who was trapped in a trailer home since this storm hit. >> how long has she been there? >> the whole storm. without lights since yesterday. >> when is the last time you spoke to her? >> about 30 minutes ago. >> she is okay now. what is she saying to you? >> for me not to come get her but i have to go get my mom. >> the cleanup effort will take years and the concern is rescuing people and getting them out of their homes and getting them to shelter and getting them to safety and that continues tonight and the coming days until harvey finally pushes out in northeast houston, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> and now tropical storm harvey is relentless on the coast dropping catastrophic rain on the region of course, meteorologist, adam joseph, tracking the storm's path tonight and harvey is expected
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to make landfall again tomorrow across the louisiana coast. >> close to texas here, looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan you see not only is houston and eastern texas and western louisiana dealing with torrential rain now but it extends to the panhandle of florida. all that wind and water continues to funnel around the center of that tropical storm. and kind of wrapping around it, still houston is being inundated by steady to moderate to heavy rainfall. and the heaviest of it lifting north and east of the center and just to the east of houston around here, that is cedar bayou that is where they have the record rainfall. it is still pouring there right now, and this sets an all time record for any tropical storm that made landfall in history in the lower 80s to dump nearly 52 inches of rain over a five-day period. it was 48 inks from one storm
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that was amelia in 1978 also in the state of texas. we look at history. made landfall category 4 at corpus christi and then a loopy deloop over the statement and stationary for days, and that brings it into texas, louisiana and then into the tennessee valley and eventually the of valley as we get into the beginning of the weekend aiming towards us that brings us rain as we go into the first part of labor day weekend and speaking of rain we are dealing with that today into this evening but it's starting to break apart to the north and west. and we talk about the upcoming labor day weekend and what the remnantses mean for us. >> folks from the delaware valley continue to step up when needed. two more red cross workers deployed from the center city headquarters, heading south in a van equipped with food and water and money supplies.
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the blood bank of delmarva put out an urgent call for those to donate. it helped animals affected by the storm. and it has mobilized its sister shelter way station transport program. they will welcome nearly 80 shelter dogs from texas to their campus in madison, new jersey, the dogs will be transferred to partners from the northeast. including shelters in our area. >> our parent company disney and abc are hosting a network wide day of giving on thursday, and 6 abc is joining in the effort. on thursday we host a phone bank to collect your donations for the victims of harvey, and that goes to the victims of the red cross, starting thursday at 8:00 here on "action news." >> the storms in texas are triggering painful memories for folks that live along the jersey shore and deal with a nightmare
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named sandy nearly five years ago. one of the worst natural disasters to hit the garden state and some are still recovering. nora muchanic spoke to survivors after they watched the storm unfold in texas. >> reporter: rick, the pictures from texas are hard to watch for some sandy survivors they know all too well what the people in texas are facing when the water sub sides. >> looking at a billboard filled with devastation from storm sandy. >> i know what they are going through and what they will go through. >> they have no idea what they are in for. >> if like me they foolishly think, once the water recedes
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we'll get our house back in order and home in six to eight weeks and that is so far from the truth. every step of the way is a fight. >> fights with insurance companies and fema and crooked crackers. he was bilked out of 50,000 there's from a shady crackers and tif five years after the storm just able to return to his home in egg harbor. >> things happen very slowly. >> what texas flood victims may not expect is the emotional toll. the organizing project reports an uptick in calls from sandy victims watching the coverage on tv. >> people don't understand how hard it is to reappearance this hurricane ravage the community and they don't know what it to come for them.
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>> the advice for sandy victims to the people of texas document everything and be patient. the going to be a long haul. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. hurricane harvey driving up gas price across the country. one quarter of the refining capacity in the region is knocked off line and local drivers are seeing a slight bump at the pump. in philadelphia the average price is 2.36 there's a gallon and new jersey 2.31 there's and prices in delaware went up 5 cents to 2.$2.25 a gallon. world news tonight with david muir has live updates from the storm zone coming up at 6:30 right after "action news." and still to come on "action news" at 6:00 tonight a suspect in a deadly hit and run turns himself into police and hear why his lawyer maintains his client
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didn't know he did it. and he slashed tires at a municipal building in camden county. >> very cool temperatures our normal high 84 degrees for this time of year and temperatures stuck in the 50s and 65 in philadelphia and we'll talk about warmer temperatures coming offer way very soon in the seven-day forecast. >> and also dozens of dads and father figures step in to walk their child into school today. when "action news" continues tonight.
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a 35-year-old man turned himself over to police in connection with a hit and run accident earlier this month.
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authorities say he struck and killed a woman and never stopped. tonight he faces various charges including manslaughter. john rawlins has more. >> 35-year-old brendon hey joined his attorney outside of police headquarters and turned himself in. it's alleged he was behind the wheel of this distinctive white jeep involved in an accident in center city. when the jeep fatally struck ann broderick and drove on. and days later it was located intel wear county with damage to the right fender and what would be human tissue on the right wheel. and charged with homicide by vehicle and leaving the scene but his attorney says that while his client was driving he should not be christmas any charged. >> mr. hayes being tried in the wrong form. a civil matter, versus the criminal justice matter, he was driving the vehicle however he
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did not know he struck anyone. >> the defense contention he was unaware but did not flee and drove a few blokes and got out and went to a restaurant. police have video of him along with others eating in the chinese restaurant three blocks away from the scene shortly after wards all of which indicates the mind set was not of a criminal mind. >> as for why the jeep ended up in delaware county. hey borrowed the vehicle from his boss and returned it to his business, there was no attempt to hide it. charges have been upgraded against a chester county teacher who allegedly had a sexual relationship with a student. a science teacher and softball coach at o and j high school was arrested for inappropriate can't and arrested for having sex with
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the 16-year-old male and the victim's girlfriend discovered suspicious texts on his phone. new at 6:00 tonight. police in camden county identified a suspected tire slasher, this is edward j. holmes iii they believe he is wanted for slashing 52 tires on police vehicles parked in camden county. police say that holmes went to police to report his bicycle stolen and will face criminal mischief among other charges when captured. walking to class was no ordinary stroll today for one wilmington school. >> jenny smith elementary hosted a million father march for dads and granddads and all dads to walk with the kids. they highlighted the role they play in the educational lives of the youngsters and gave the men a chance to renew their family
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time for sports ducis is here and eagles trading a popular player to the saints. >> it caught us off guard the longest tenured athlete and they got a draft pick. jaime apody gathers reaction. >> ha, ha, ha. he was known for his magic off the field more than his playing on it and it was quite a surprise when they made john disappear. >> i was shocked because i have been around him these past five years a great guy and great personality. that is the way the business is. >> i was kind of shocked because he has been here so long, i know when have you to make tough decisions there was a lot that played into it. he played 10 of his 14 seasons here in philadelphia but was
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beaten out in camp by nick lovato and he has big shoes to fill. >> i am not trying to fill his shoes he did a great job here and was a big part of this city and this organization, and what he did in this locker room and felt that the moment i met him when i came in here last year and it's hard to take that away from him. i am not doing that and i want to do my job and help this team win. >> he will always adorn the hallways of nova care complex but the magic is the impact in the locker room. >> the guy that nobody recognizes or thinks about so for him to have that much of an impact in people's lives and a team in general speaks volumes to the depth of who he was. >> who will do magic tricks around here now. >> not me maybe donny jones. >> check it out -- >> ha, ha, ha.
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>> in south philadelphia, jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." t>>hat is awesome. >> phillies braves game tonight say rainout and they play two tomorrow. last night the phils made it 12 wins in 14 games against the braves this season. and reece hoskins did not hit a homer but went 2 for 4. and cameron rupp hit a home run. temple season opener is saturday, a doozy on the road at notre dame. and the owls nearly pulling off the upset. coach colins is set to make his college debut, since he was hired in december he wants the football team to be tough. he saw an example of that today. >> i told him this morning after i'm done with practice it was raining most of the practice, and a little bit chilly. and a lot of places i have been and most of the places i have
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been. if it was those kinds of conditions we go inside. we go indoor and not practice here they didn't even think about it. >> temple play book airs on friday, we'll set the stage. and get to know the coach better and why he say lifelong flyers fan even though he grew up in georgia. during the 9:30 after hour. some workers did heavy lifting in the name of helping children in philadelphia learn how to read. books across philly were there distributing 14,000 new dead any books to do dozen community groups and two books to line two football fields. and a city wide literacy drive, and the two classes for public schools the parent company of of 6 abc.
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meteorologist, adam joseph, is back now with a closer look at the forecast. sun is returning here and humidity stays low and a much better day tomorrow than today. looking live at sky 6 hd one of the worst spots at the shore with the northeasterly win with a high risk of rip currents be large swells and beach erosion, and some back bay flooding in spots. a nasty day from start to finish. not much wind and a pretty wet tuesday but we are starting to see that rain break apart.
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northern chester county and bucks county into the lehigh valley. all points to the north and still dealing with steady rainfall from newark in northern newcastle county and wilmington 295, the blue route, i-95 philadelphia north into trenton still a wet drive this evening, it extends down to the coastline. 55 the atlantic city expressway. slow going here. it gradually improves this weekend in the overnight as we begin the drying out process. temperatures are extremely cool for august standards, the normal high 84 degrees. we hit 67 and that came at 9:28 this morning. the 65 degrees right now is the low for the day. the high came this morning. the low is coming this evening. so kind of flip-flops here today. 63 allentown and 66 if wilmington and 66 in cape may. 56 degrees, up in the poconos. we have tropical storm harvey.
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winds sustained at 50 miles per hour. the heaviest rain from houston to the border of louisiana. they continue to extend eastbound to the panhandle of of florida and back at home here we are dealing with the rain. that will continue of the next several hours. but you start to see it break apart and that is the trend here for the middle to latter part of the evening hours. by the time we wake up tomorrow it's dry and a lot of clouds still littering the sky and there will be some breaks and fillered sunshine early morning the sunshine increases into the afternoon. even though the stom we are dealing with now, not becoming tropical storm irma. just to the east, winds from the storm are hurricane force, that continues to churn up the waters and turning large swells for one more day, rip currents at the shore and despite it approves
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above 78 degrees and cold front thursday late in the afternoon and head of it, warm and 85 degrees, more summer like it touches off an isolated thunderstorm, late in the day that opens up to cool air as we get into friday. >> that is friday. and then as we go into the weekend. the remnant low of what was harvey will be traveling through the tennessee and ohio valley and the mid-atlantic into the northeast. and right now targeting for us on saturday. not flooding rains and no strong winded and we could get rounds of rain and up to an inch in spots. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 78 and sun and clouds tomorrow and improvement. and nice here thursday 85 degrees with an isolated storm late in the day and hello to september. appropriate for that time of year 73 degrees and lots of sunshine and low humidity and rain develops on saturday and the weekend does begin a little rocky and then we start to improve it here sunday afternoon into labor day itself.
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83 degrees and tuesday partly sunny at 82. >> thank you. finally tonight hundreds of kids receive tools for learning today. they got new backpacks and school supplies at the recreation center. organized by councilman johnson and the basketball league. it was capped off with a sweet treat, water ice and pretzels. abc world news tonight is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 tonight at phl 17, with brian taff, ducis rogers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for jim gardner, adam joseph, cecily tynan, have a nice evening we hope to see you tonight at 11:00.
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tonight, the disaster in texas growing more severe as we come on the air. catastrophic flooding breaching the levees. the dire warning, "get out now." >> i hate to think there are people in these houses. >> new images of dramatic rescues. the all-out effort from boats and choppers. rising water now reaching the rooftops. police tearfully revealing the loss of one of their own in the flooding. tonight, record rainfall showing no signs of quitting as harvey prepares to deliver another punch to the gulf. swept away. four children and their great grandparents lost trying to outrun the flooding. their van going under. their great uncle, the only one to make it out alive. tonight relatives tell us what happened. shelters overloaded. families by the thousands pleading for


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